Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Feedback for the Navy for Moms Holiday Project

The Nimitz moms on the Navy for Moms website initiated a project to send a stocking or a goody bag to each sailor in the Nimitz entourage, Carrier Strike Group 11. We had others join us along the way, some who did not even have a sailor in the strike group. It was a successful project and now we have some feedback from the sailors.

Dear Navy Mom, Terry

Thank you for the Christmas card and bag of goodies. I truly
appreciate the time that you put into not only the baggy but the hand
written note. We know that you support us but when the Home front lets
us know that we are in their hearts it makes a world of difference on
all of us. Thank you Terry not only from me but from the rest of the
crew and my mom too because I know she would appreciate you making my
day a little brighter.

MA2 (SW/AW) Jacqueline xxxxxx
USS Nimitz CVN -68
I wanted to say Thank-you for sending those wonderful packages to us
for Christmas. They have certainly cheered up a bunch of us. One of
the girls started clapping her hands, bouncing up and down and cheered
"Christmas! Christmas! It's Christmas!" Which definitely cheered me
up a lot! Thanks again for the card, candy, popcorn and the cinnamon
pine cones! I've been a bit blue lately and everything cheered me.
From one mom to another, Thank-you! Shen

It warms our hearts to see letters like these. Carrier Strike Group 11, you are in our hearts! Go to Navy for Moms Christmas Project to read more about the project and the feedback from the sailors. The Nimitz will be stateside next Christmas but another carrier group will be deployed. We are making plans to provide Christmas cheer to what ever strike group that is deployed over the Christmas holidays.

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