Monday, January 25, 2010

USS Carl Vinson Sailors Volunteer to Help Provide Water for Haiti

The Carl Vinson has been playing an important role in providing relief to the Haitian victims of the 7.0 earthquake. U.S. Navy Captain Bruce H. Lindsey, the USS Carl Vinson’s commanding officer says “As long as there are injured people needing our care, we will stay here as long as it takes.”

In addition to tending the wounded, the ship has delivered medical supplies and more than 30,000 gallons of water to the island. The ship has a complement of helicopters that can transport people, supplies and equipment.

According to a Department of Defense article: “A group of sailors on the ship created a water tree, where they took piping and created spigots, and use the supply of water from the ship to fill containers with water for those in need in Haiti.

Lindsey said sailors volunteered their time to do build the water tree and fill 5 gallon jugs with water by hand. Because of their volunteer efforts each helicopter that leaves the ship has 32 of these jugs on flight.”

Like all aircraft carriers, the USS Carl Vinson has the ability to make 400,000 gallon of fresh water from sea water every day.

Source: Department of Defense

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